User name

A unique name to identify you in our messaging system.

  • You may use any letter, number, apostrophes, space and the symbols "@", "+" and "-" in your username. John D'antagna, peter75 and Mary-Anne are valid usernames.
  • Don't use whitespaces at the start or end of your username. They'll be ignored. Leading and trailing spaces may hide typos.
  • Your username needs to be unique. Using a full name or an email as username helps avoiding collision with other names.
  • Your username may be shown to others. Do not use any sensitive information as part of your username
🖃 e-mail

Please, provide an email. It will be used to reach you if you loose your password and to notify about new messages.

PLEASE, USE A FAKE EMAIL the full database of this project is published online as per requested in the exercise and, therefore, people will be able to find your email address and send spam.

  • Choose a valid email. We may need to contact you.
  • We won't spam you. We will only send messages if you require us to.
  • Don't use a dotless domain names or comments. Although your browser may accept these as valid email, our server won't.
  • Your email won't be shown to other users. But your username is.
*** Passwords

Three passwords?!? Yup. Much easier than special chars. Choose three passwords that will keep your secret messages secret.

To make your password safe, at least one of them should have a character that is not a letter. Do not use only numbers.

  • Use the TAB key to quickly mode between password fields.This can actually be only two keystrokes longer than your usual password: "my<TAB>usual<TAB>password"
  • A password needs to be strong and that means lots of characters from a large character set. This is why most websites require you to use a long password with letters, capital letters, digits and symbols.
  • A password needs to be known by heart. A password is something you know, and only you know. It shouldn't be written down, shouldn't be shared, shouldn't be forgotten.
  • Strong passwords are usually hard to know by heart, and vice versa.The password "*maç&WYap)0*=_ 7" is strong, but hard to memorize. The password "Jetsons" is easy to memorize, but weak.
  • Three simple passwords are easier to memorize and harder to crack.Let's say you choose the passwords: "Mom" "Lives" "15th Av." That's easy enough to remember and it makes up to a 16 digit password with symbols, lower and upper case letters and numbers, the same as before.
  • You can make it even stronger by not using only dictionary words. You may use one of the passwords for a weird symbol like | or ªª, or to use a word from a different language.
Termos of Use